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Benefits of Remedial Massage

Most people think that massage is simply about relaxation, but remedial massage does play an important part in the healing of the body and the muscles. There are different types of massage therapies and a remedial massage provides many benefits beyond a sensation of relaxation. Remedial massage will involve several techniques such as deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy Here are five of the top benefits of remedial massage.

Improve Circulation

Remedial massage helps to improve the circulation of blood throughout the muscles, enabling the body to more easily remove toxins from the blood. Toxins in muscles can prevent the muscles from working properly and can cause stiffness or pain. Improving the circulation by remedial massage can help the muscles to work properly again.

Increase Healing

One of the best benefits of remedial massage is the increase in healing that many people experience. Remedial massage helps the body to heal sore muscles and skeletal disorders and is often used for cases of spondylitis, arthritis, whiplash, muscular atrophy, fibrositis, sports and dancing injuries, and muscular cramps.  

Reduce Aches and Pains

Pain is the body's loudspeaker to tell the brain that something is wrong. If you continually get sore muscles in the same area, such as the neck or shoulders, you may have an underlying problem that needs healing. Remedial massage can follow the pain to the cause of the problem and heal all the sore muscles along the way. Remedial massage relaxes the muscles and allows the nervous system to reduce the signals of pain to the brain while healing the problem. The pain of damaged or impaired muscles and tendons can be reduced by remedial massage, which will also promote the healing of these insidious problems.

Increase Mobility

Mobility is a key issue for many people. Remedial massage can help to both alleviate the pain and increase the mobility of people who suffer from joint disorders such as arthritis. Muscles that continually tense or become knotted may cause pain that remedial massage can reduce and by relaxing these muscles, the body can move again.

Repair Muscle and Joint Tissue

A good remedial massage therapist assists to repair torn or damaged muscles, tendons, and joint tissue by tracing the problem to the source. The holistic treatment can be gentle, strong, deep, or shallow, depending on the area of the injury and the extent of the problem. Remedial massage improves the health of cells in the area and can provide toning to the muscles in need of help.

Remedial massage can help in many ways. If you have a sore neck, shoulders, or back, you will find that a remedial massage that works to provide muscular healing may be more beneficial than a simple relaxation massage. The relaxation massage may provide some ease of pain as your muscles relax, but the remedial massage is often deeper and penetrates to the source of the problem. Remedial massage works to heal the muscles as much as to relax the muscles.

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